Hello world…

So, hi everyone!

Since, my about page doesn’t really give you insight about me, I decided that this first post shall be an introduction of sorts…

Well my name’s Nelly. Yeah most people think my name’s quite original but in reality I have about 4 cousins who are also named Nelly. Now your probably wondering why my family seems so unoriginal but that’s because we’re Kenyan. And in Kenyan tradition, you name your kids after your parents, so Nelly was my grandmothers name (on my moms side).

Well my story, of course, starts with my parents; Andy and Dora. They met and got married in Kenya and then finished university. My dad and a few others got offered scholarships to study abroad and there just so happened to be a Canada scholarship up for grabs. So my dad packed up his life and moved to western Canada in 1992. And don’t worry, he didn’t just leave my mom in Kenya, she joined him in 1993. On April 28th, 1994, my older sister Dali was born. My dad finished his schooling and they led their amazing life, with their new daughter, traveling and having fun, and then I was born… (I was born on July 26, 1999.)

When I was about 2 years old, we moved to Kamloops, where I basically spent half my childhood running around outside and building obstacle courses for my hamster. At the age of 7, on July 1st, we moved back to Metro Vancouver, basically where we started. I was pretty sad to leave my friends and spent all of grade 3 alone because I was convinced that we would move back any second, therefore I didn’t need to make any friends because I’d have my old ones back home. Then grade 4 came around, and I realized that we probably would be staying here for longer than I thought. One day, I was packing up my stuff before lunch and this girl KW (names are abbreviated in this blog) came up to me and asked if I wanted to play with her and her 2 friends MW and FY, and I excepted. Those girls were my first actual friends since I had moved and we realized
that we had a lot in common, and were all kind of weird and crazy deep down. Fast forward about 5 years and you have now. We all kind of drifted off into our own little groups. KW, MW and I all went into French immersion so we were always in the same classes. KW fit into the more popular group, FY found her group, and M and I stayed together. MW and I met CRe and GS, but unfortunately GS moved schools before grade 8 to got to a school that would cater more to her love of swimming. But CRe, MW and I met HJ, and then we met CRo, HS, MN, and MM. And we developed our friendship all of grade 8, so that now in grade 9, we are closer than ever. I still talk to KW, and we’re still close, but I have my amazing group of good friends. And I wouldn’t change a thing.

And that is basically my life story in 416 words.

Hope you didn’t fall asleep while reading this…




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