Fab Five: Bath and Body Works Edition

Hello everyone,

Now your probably thinking ‘Oh no, her again?” and I know I’ve posted a lot over the past two days, but I’m just really excited! SO, I’ve decided that my designated posting day is Saturday morning and I’ll always have a post up every other Saturday, but I’ll also post during the week if I think of something.

Anyway, this post is my first fab five. And like I said, I am OBSESSED with Bath and Body Works. Every time I go to the mall, I can’t help but enter the store and buy something. So, I know some of these may be a bit outdated from the fall scent collection they have, but I also have some spring ones. And honestly, their amazing so I don’t mind smelling like cinnamon and pumpkin (I’m also obsessed with pumpkin, by the way). Anyway, before I start thinking about pumpkin which will make me think about food, here are the Bath and Body Works fab five.


Everyone say hello to Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin… I got this scent sometime in October and as soon as I got a whiff of this, I new I had to get it. This scent reminds me of Thanksgiving, and I love thanksgiving… (for anyone who’s wondering)


Now Napa Autumn Blackberry is a sweet and fruity scent and I really like stuff that is more sweet smelling. I got this in October as well. It smells really good, but can come off quite strong if you put too much of it on.


This is one of my newer scents, I got this a few weeks ago. Beautiful Day is also really sweet smelling, and reminds me of summer. It’s a mix of a fruity and a flowery scent. It reminds me of walking through a flower garden while sniffing flowers and then all of a sudden, BAM, there’s an apple smell…


Pure Paradise is my favourite fragrance mist. It honestly smells SOO good. It reminds me of paradise. It’s a more clean scent then Napa Autumn Blackberry, but it still smells flowery. If you ever go into Bath and Body Works and see it, just smell it… I bought it for my sister at first. And then I went back and bought a little bottle for myself.


And finally, my favourite scent over all… This one I can describe everyone! Coconut Lime Breeze if the most relaxing scent ever. When I use this lotion, it reminds me of going on vacation to some tropical island and smelling coconut, but there’s this tangy lime smell added in. It’s an extremely refreshing scent and I definitely recommend this one…

Well everyone, that is my first fab five. I really hope you liked it, and I didn’t bore you. You honestly don’t have to buy these. Just imagine the scent… And that doesn’t make ANY sense what so ever… Well, I’m sorry for my terrible description skills.




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