Introducing the Fab Five

Hello everyone,

So, yesterday I was pondering ideas for my blog while looking at my seemingly endless Bath and Body Works and nail polish collections . Then I thought to myself ‘hey Nelly, you should show your favourites’ and that’s when my brain started swirling in millions of directions and I came up with the idea of the Fab Five.

The Fab Five is basically five products that fall under a specific category. For example, if the category was say nail polish, I would show you five of my favourite nail polish colours. If the category was bath and body works, I would show you five of my favourite bath and body work scents…

Now this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to get up and go buy what I’m showing you, or anything like that… I’m really just showing you what are my favourites, and maybe their your favourites too… Who knows, I might show you a scent, colour, or product that you’ve never really considered and you like it.

When I came up with this, I didn’t realise that other blogs had done it, so I’m sorry if you feel I’m copying others, but I honestly didn’t think it had been done… Just to let everyone know!

Anyway, I probably won’t do a fab five every blog post, but it’s just an option that’s there for me to write about.

Thanks for reading!




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