Vancouver Island Adventure

Hi everyone!
So these last few weeks have been VERY special because I was on spring break, that time when I just sit at home and do nothing all day. Now I was perfectly content with sitting at home and doing nothing for 2 weeks, but my parents decided that I should at least go somewhere over the last week. Fast forward a few days and I find myself and my parents on a ferry to Nanaimo. My mom and I had decided to accompany my dad on his rounds of Vancouver Island that he does every few months. This was the first vacation type thing I’ve gone on without my older sister and it was honestly a bit strange at first to not have her to fool around on the ferry with, but after a while I just adapted to being the only child present.

We took the ferry from Tsawassen (at the speed my dad drives it takes about an hour to get there), but in order to get there in time for my dad to make his meetings, we had to take a very early ferry. The deal was that we’d all wake up at 5 in order to have showered, dressed, eaten, and be out the door by 6 to make the 7:45 ferry. Of course, my internal clock decided ‘hey, why don’t I wake Nelly up at 3:45, just to mess around with her’, so I was up super early even though I’d gone to bed quite late. I sat in bed till 4:30, desperately trying to cling to any sleep possible, before admitting defeat and moving my no sleep party to the living room. At about 5, both my parents got up. My dad went to shower in the downstairs bathroom and my mom showered in the upstairs one. I ended up showering at about 5:15 or 5:20, and was dressed by about 5:45. After eating, making sure we had everything, and going out to the car, it was about 6:20…

Now we get to the ferry, buy our ticket, and load onto the ferry when it eventually comes. We exit our car and go up to the nearest passenger deck and there is almost no people on this ferry. After 2 and a half hours or so of just listening to music and re-reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, we finally reach Nanaimo. My dad tells us that we’re going to have to drive another 2 hours to get to Parksville where his first audit is, (this is when Nelly sleeps on and off for 2 full hours). Any way, I wake up, extremely disoriented and my brain goes dead for a second as I say to myself ‘this isn’t Nanaimo as I remember it’. Eventually I remember where I am, and my mom and I wait in the car as we wait for my dad to finish his first audit. Then we go and eat my family’s favourite type of food to eat out; Japanese! I get some shrimp teriyaki that came with some salad and rice, while my parents had sushi, and everything was heavenly… We then went walking in this AMAZING park!


After, we drove back to Nanaimo and dad dropped us off at our hotel before going to Duncan for his other audit. After he got back we went out for dinner and ate Japanese (surprise surprise). Then went back to the hotel where I had a pretty good sleep except for the fact that I woke up at 4 in the morning… When we woke up, my dad decided that he was going to go do his audit in Nanaimo and we could take our time to get ready. By the time my dad got back, we’d showered, and were just starting to pack up everything. After double checking our room, we met dad in the lobby and checked out. We decided that we’d just eat lunch in Victoria, so we drove about an hour and got there and found a very nice Japanese restaurant and all ate some salmon teriyaki..


After finishing our food, my dad checked one last place and then we drove to the Swartz Bay ferry terminal in Victoria. When we got there, we wanted to buy tickets for the 3 o’clock ferry, but we soon realized that the next available ferry we could take was the 7 o’clock one. So we decided to drive to Duke Point, one of the terminals in Nanaimo, so we could try to make the 5:45 ferry. After driving for about 1 hour, we found a really nice rest spot.


We each took a billion pictures at the rest spot, then continued on our journey. And after a much needed trip to Tim Hortons, we drove for another half an hour and managed to make the 5:45 ferry. On the ferry there was a lot of sleeping, eating, and reading. Lets just say I was rather happy when they made the announcement for everyone to return to their cars. We drove off the ferry and travelled the 1 hour drive back home. When we got home, there was a nice warm meal waiting for us, courtesy of my sister.

And that was my amazing trip.


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