Fab Five: Nail Polish Edition!!

Hi everyone,

so this weeks topic is another fab five! As I might have mentioned, I have an addiction to nail polish… I honestly think it’s in my genetics (along with the addiction of chocolate, shopping, and tea) because my mom, sister, and I all have a soft spot for certain things. Up until a few months ago, Dali and I shared our nail polishes, but now that she’s moving a way for school soon, I have now started my own collection. Today, I’m going to share a few of my favourites that I’ve collected with you lovely people…


This is Revlon’s ‘Lily’, and I happen to be wearing it right now. It dries really quick, and has a great colour that complements my skin tone and other skin tones. Plus I got this on sale from my Shoppers Drug Mart a while ago- it was only 2 dollars- and I expected it to be not that great, but it ended up being an amazing nail polish.


Now this is Essie’s Carousel Coral. I paid 10 dollars for this- it was on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart- and I regret nothing… The quality and colour is worth the expensiveness (I don’t know if that word works in that context but I’m using it).


Next is Nicole (by OPI’s) ‘no name’. Now ‘no name’ isn’t it’s actually name… It literally has no name. But this colour is really nice and minty. It lives up to what I wanted- which was a nice minty (I like that word) colour. I got it for 2 dollars with the Revlon one. And that’s pretty much it.


2nd to last is L’Oreal’s ‘He Red My Mind’. This colour is really nice. I bought it with the other 2 I got on sale. I really just wanted a nice red, and ‘BANG’ this one appears ON SALE, right in front of me! It’s like we’re meant to be together…


Last but not least, we have Essie’s ‘Secret Story’. I got this one for 2 dollars as well, and I literally paid for it and ran out of the store… This is actually my favourite colour. It just makes me so happy. Great quality and a GREAT colour. Love it, that’s everything I can say…

And that’s a rap. I’ll TRY to post more often, I know I’ve been terrible about that, but I’m trying…

Love you,


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