Maui Trip

it has certainly been a long time since I’ve made a blog post! I have been super busy with school, and I never really realized how busy grade 10 year would be. I had the best summer ever. What with my birthday and my adventures over the summer. This post is only going to focus on one thing; my trip to Maui…


So, we got to Maui and as soon as we stepped off the plane we were immersed in heat and the smell of flowers. I don’t know what it is about Hawaii, but there seemed to be a constant floral smell. This is a picture I took at the airport. It was my first time seeing palm trees that have actual coconuts on it and banana plants that have bananas on it. Maui was like a breath of fresh air, and our condo for the week was right by the harbor, in Maalaea. It was super windy there and the air was fresh.


This is a picture I took at our condo. I would honestly recommend Hawaii as a vacation spot. Just being there was amazing. I experienced jet leg for the first time. I tended to wake up very early in the morning, and I felt like I should’ve been asleep in the early evening.

The locals were awesome! They had a chill island feel to them, and it was honestly like Lilo and Stitch. I felt like those crazy tourists, taking pictures of EVERYTHING.


One day we decided to go to the road to Hana. It was quite a windy ride, but it was definitely worth it. We didn’t even get to half way to Hana, we decided that the road was too windy to go on. And we just weren’t really up to going the whole way. But the quarter we did was amazing.


Ironically, the time we decided to go to Maui was the time that the hurricanes came. Sp my mom and I were both freaking out, because Hurricane Iselle was supposed to hit Maui on the day we were going to leave to come home. But it ended up just being really windy and rainy. We still ended up being able to take our flight.


Overall, the weather was great! I never ended up surfing, but I did paddle board and I got to see lots of surfers. I chilled on the beach everyday and got to swim in the warm salty pacific. The ocean here is not something you’d really want to swim in because it’s FREEZING… And we usually swim in super cold fresh water lakes in BC. Next visit to Hawaii, surfing is definitely on the agenda.

Well this has been a very short blog post. I will actually try to post more this year.



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