Shopping, Sightseeing and Starbucks


So this is a photo I took while fishing (well my dad was fishing, I was taking photos)…

Hi everyone,

Ok, so I’m really trying to post more! Honestly, I am. I’ve been really busy with school and all that jazz, but I’m here now so all is well.


I don’t know why I wanted to show you my shopping, but I went shopping… And it was so much fun, even just shopping by myself ’cause I just love to look at stuff for some reason.

My parent’s and I took my aunt and uncle sight seeing in Vancouver and all around metro Vancouver so here are some photos on that:

These are photos of SFU otherwise known as the university my dad went to for his masters degree. It’s very pretty there but it was freezing cold…


Burnaby mountain was next on our sight seeing list. It was also very cold there, but the view of the whole of Vancouver is amazing from here!


Finally we drove through downtown and ended up in Stanley Park. I didn’t get many photos of the city of Vancouver because they consistently come out blurry! (The struggle) But I did get this one of the Vancouver skyline.

This section of this post is basically for my starbucks and Christmas obsession. I’ve already started listening to Christmas music and they’re always playing through my house using our Bluetooth speaker. Hopefully my parents don’t get to tired of it, but the Christmas music will continue on through December to January (no exceptions)…


I got a peppermint mocha from starbucks, so I took a picture. It just looks so beautiful! *wipes away tear*


This is the Vancouver ‘You Are Here’ Starbucks mug that I finally found! I’ve been wanting this for ages, but I don’t go into Vancouver often enough to be able to find a Starbucks that has it… And I didn’t even find it, my mom did. And she came home and said “guess what I found?” After seeing what she’d found, I had a mini freak out. Please ignore the chipped nail polish! Seriously, please ignore…


This is the last photo, I promise. This was just taken today, but I just had to add it in. I finally started drinking out of my Christmas mugs! Yay! I figured it’s pretty close to December, I can justify it.

This blog post has been mostly pictures… I just realized that. I will start posting more as it gets closer to winter break!



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