Life Update and Jasper Trip

Hey everyone!

Gosh, it’s been too long! I’m sorry about that, all my fault. But today (or should I say tonight as it’s around 10:30 pm) I will be telling you about my school trip to Jasper and updating you a bit on my life…

So first the update>

1. I got my braces off! After 3 years of my teeth moving into unnatural positions, they have finally moved to the right unnatural position. And let me tell you, retainer life is WAY easier than braces life…


2. I joined the fitness family. That’s pretty awesome! I’m still a bit of a weakling, but I don’t struggle to lift 5 pound weights anymore. I’m also training for a 10 km run with my dad and we successfully ran the whole Stanley Park Seawall (not without stopping though). This is all thanks to my crazy personal training (she’s awesome, just freaking insane).

11098232_1002380423113108_1396593360_nThis photo was clear at some point, I swear!

3. I made up my mind on where I’d like to go and what I’d like to become. The deal is to finish Pharmacy and then see if I still want to continue on to medical school. This will hopefully all happen at UBC or UBCO.

10950362_726090440841281_2033739510_n This is a photo of UBC that was also clear…

Now onto the Jasper Trip>

I just got back from Jasper today and it was truly an incredible experience. I went with my french immersion class (as Jasper has many french speakers) and they made Jasper even more fun.

So first there was the super long bus ride. I think the total ride was 9 and a half hours. So I got plenty of bus selfies with my sleeping friends.

IMG_0049 Bus selfie

But it was all worth it, as a stunning scene was awaiting us almost as soon as we drove across the BC> Alberta border (my first time being in another Canadian province or territory by the way).

IMG_0076Frozen lake. It was cold but very beautiful.

The next morning we woke up as ‘normal’ (it’s tough when 7 girls are sharing a room that should house 3 girls max). We didn’t know that it would snow just out of nowhere. It just happened… And that is when my toes almost froze off. To make life a bit more interesting, we went on probably the scariest hike I’ve ever been on> a super small ICY mountain trail, a huge drop with only rocks to catch me if I fell, and running shoes that have non existent grip. The pictures were worth is though>

IMG_0101 Mountain hike> scary but worth it!

Final day and the snow was completely melted. It was as if nothing had ever happened! We spent the whole day outdoors enjoying the beautiful day, visiting 2 lakes and the Athabasca Falls.




And that was the last full day. Sunday morning we got on the bus and started heading home. The ride back took a bit shorter: 7 and a half hours.

Well that’s it for now guys. Stay tuned for a ‘My Bucket List’ post… That will hopefully be coming soon. Thanks for reading.




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