Introducing ‘The Bucket List’ and ‘Voyages’ Series

Hello everyone,
So recently I’ve been thinking of ways to share my Bucket List and the places I want to go with you lovely people. SO… I’ve decided to create these two series.

So first we have the Bucket List series. So every Bucket List post, I write five of the things on my extensive Bucket List. This series is probably going to go on for a long time because currently I have a grand total of 62 things on my Bucket List.

Next is the Voyages series, which I will probably be renaming sometime soon… The voyages are posts where I choose a continent and list where I would want to go, what I’d want to do there. There will most likely be a couple posts for each continent because I have many plans right now.

And those are introductions for the series. I’ll be posting them soon but I’ll also keep posting my regular travels and the fab five and all that. Unfortunately not a lot of the photos will be mine, but I’ll be slowly replacing the photos as I do the things. Also I’ll be linking where I go the photos from.

Well that’s all for now!




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