5 Things My Sister and I Do Together

Hi everyone,
So over the past 14 almost 15 years together, my sister and I have laughed, hugged, shared secrets, had moments, made each other cry (her more than me), and generally had amazing times together. Today I’ve made a list (Ooh, something new), that lists some things that are just awesome about having a sisterly figure in your life.
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1. Dancing and singing, no matter where we are
There are countless times when my parents have probably thought “what is wrong with our children?” while we dance and sing in the store in an almost “that’s my jam” moment. Dancing and singing is something Dal and I do at least once a day. We enjoy just putting on some music and pretending that we actually have singing talent (even though we probably just ruin the song, and damage a couple ears). In the car, we have a jam session almost every time I drive with her. If not small dance moves, there’s almost always singing… It’s just what we do, look like total crazies…

2. Games
Though we aren’t usually competitive now, a few years ago game nights would end in tears from my end and laughter from Dals end. Recently, she’s been loving a game where you basically just choose a route that you have to finish, and build a track of trains from one place to another for points. There is no contact between players…. But she likes it, so I deal with it.

3. Pictures
Believe it or not, my sister and I love to take pictures together. We’ll just sit there and take tones of silly and crazy photos. They don’t go on social media sites, we mostly just take them for fun.

4. Shopping
We really enjoy going shopping together, but we don’t get to do that very often. I like having her opinion on the clothes I’m wearing.

5. Movies
On a Friday, you can usually find us sitting on the couch enjoying a nice movie or show on Netflix. We have a lot of fun watching comedies and especially movies directed more to young kids and toddlers.

Well these are just five of the things my sister and I like to do together… I love my sis to bits, and will probably cry from loneliness when she leaves home for university in September…